How To Get Quality Instagram Followers And Build A Brand

7_Easy_Ways_to_Get_More_Instagram_FollowersIf you are one of those users who loves photography, surely you already have an account created in some of the main Focused on snapshots.

If there is one that stands out above all others, this is Instagram .

With over 300 million users and devilish growth, Instagram has become the social photography network par excellence.

Its simplicity mixed with their visual power make it a really attractive network to have a good time sliding his timeline, without forgetting that it is one of the social networks with more engagement today.

But of course, as in any good social network that boasts, you can not enjoy 100% of it without an active community, so in today’s post I would like to explain in a few simple steps, how to tune our account And not fall into most of the most common mistakes that can be made and that often prevent being able to generate a powerful community.

The purpose of this post is to develop an effective strategy mini step, to win quality followers without much effort and relatively quickly, and when I say quality is really interested in your followers photographic subject.

Following this strategy I got my followers multiply by 10.

Is not that bad, eh? (i.e.

Let us begin!

1 # Optimize our profile

free-instagram-followersThis is the basis not only of Instagram, but any social network stone. Without a profile duly completed and we are destined complete with a high probability of failure, and this is not what we want.

Before starting any action we must have a profile attractive enough to attract the attention of our possible follower.

Is not normal?


1 # Profile picture

First, you must add a picture profile that you define perfectly clear and with good frame. If the profile photo is no longer good for a social photography network, what confidence will we give to our possible follower?

2 # Description

It is important to put a brief description that explains who you are or what you do. In many cases it is also convenient to put thematic deal on your account.

Help yourself emoticons to make a very attractive description, Instagram #hashtags emoticons and you’ll notice are the kings of the party.

3 # Link to your website

Do not forget this point since Instagram gives you the possibility to put a link that directs to where you want.

Although you do not own a blog or web address takes to put another network such as Facebook or Twitter.

Thus we facilitate followers to cross different networks and enter to win new followers step on them.

2 # Respect follower / follow ratio

An account that follows 2000 followers and she is only followed by 120 people …

What impression do you give? Not very good, right?

For this impression is that most users that when they see the profile wear. This means that no matter how good your photos are, do not give the follow button.

This is the life of friends ….

To solve this ‘problem’, we must respect a 1/1 ratio, that is: have the same fans who followed, if we can have more followers who followed and then we can get excited and throw a party. (i.e.

Well it seems that our profile is already taking shape for the battle …

3 # Define a theme

If you want to really succeed in this social network , I recommend that you focus on a main subject and then address some sub – theme.

In my case I have a main theme that is ‘nature’, and then some secondary according to the first, such as ‘animals’.

But the more you focus on a subject, the more interest you will raise your account because you will study something very concrete and within Instagram usually like this.

Choose the themes that you like, or choose one of the most popular and fit your pictures in them.

Animals, nature, landscapes, automobiles, urban style …

Which one do you stay with?

4 # Curry a cool gallery

Yes, after the profile this is the point that follows it by importance. Before you make yourself known, you need a quality gallery.

High quality!

It is a very common mistake to start hanging pictures without quality, blurry, poorly focused, poorly framed or exaggerated filters.

All this throws back anyone.

You need a gallery with photos well worked and prepared, so that when users visit you, say: Wow, I want to follow this account now! (i.e.

Before you start moving you need to have a minimum of 30 or 40 pictures because I assure you that the users of Instagram like much look at everything profile up and down before giving a follow and if they see a nice gallery and have half job done .

5 # Add descriptions to photos

Do not forget to always add a little commentary accompanying the photo. Although a network focused on photography, comments help to situate the context of the photo and apart is a great way to generate engagement in the publication.

Instagram users love to participate in publications. It is not uncommon to see photographs that have more comments than likes.

Do not underestimate the comments because it really is a very important part of this social network.

6 # Use #hashtags in your photos

Twitter and Instagram compete for Mr. #hashtag, but if I had to meet with a, would be Instagram. The power that the hashtag gets here is really spectacular. It gives you an extra visibility tremendous.

For this reason I recommend that you use them. I always recommend using an average of 10 hashtags for publication. As you expand your community you can afford to do without some of them.

I always use hashtags, because it seems like a good way to amplify your scope and sort your snapshots.

7 # Beware of editing

I have tested it with many formats, colors, filters, etc. And the truth is that at least I touch a photo but good result gives me. The more natural your photo is, the more value you will have.

When more natural your photo, the more valuable Click to Tweet

Many times I run my timeline with photos megasaturadas or impossible filters that truth is that in most of favoring the photo get the opposite effect.

Try to retouch as little as possible the photo, you will see that the results are much better.

The editing tool itself Instagram has improved a lot in a short time and do not stop adding new features, so for an average user may be sufficient, but if you’re a demanding user may need tools for more powerful editing.


8 # Watch your posting frequency

instagram-exploreAnother common mistake …

I have had to stop following users because they flooded my timeline with dozens of daily photos.

It is fine and you need to keep a good pace of publications but do not abuse, because no matter how good your photos are sure to win a good unfollow.



I recommend publishing a maximum of 2 photos daily, for me the optimum is 1.

They say that ‘less is more’, and I assure you it is.

Less is more Click to Tweet

Publish in your fair measure value your publications. If you go over the line the value is lost because the abundance not usually like in Social Media .

Another way is to experiment until you find the ideal frequency of publication.

#Practical: How do I get followers on Quality Instagram?

Well, if you have applied all the above points you should have an account of 10. Now it’s time to start earning Instagram followers on the fast track.

How will we do it?

We will go to the application search loupe and search for content by the hashtag that defines our theme or that we are interested in.

Imagine that yours is nature, he writes #naturaleza, or #perros.

Now it is trying to locate those photos with great engagement regarding their number of followers.

Once found the photo, we will enter the profile and look at how many followers it has.

For me a good account would be one that has 1000 followers and that each photo has for example 200 I like you and other comments. Do not go to top accounts 50,000 fans or more, try to find accounts with small but powerful communities.

The trick is to enter this user picture and go directly to your ‘I like’ by clicking on your number. When you enter you will be able to see the list of people who have given you this photo.

Now let’s think about it for a moment …

If these people have made a ‘I like’ a photo of a user who publishes nature photos, and I also publish nature photos. Why not give her a follow and get her attention?

I’m sure my topic will interest you because it’s exactly the same.

Well, attack!

Follow all those users and interact with some of their photos. A large majority assure you that they will visit your profile and in many cases you will be returned the follow because the subject will interest you.

Do not go either with the amount of follows. He / she repeats the process daily or weekly, following small groups of users and always respecting the ratios of followers / followed.

All this strategy has a high probability of working as long as you have correctly applied all the previous points of the post.

If you execute this plan perfectly and especially in moderation, I assure you that your community will grow and interactions with your photos too, but remember that if you do not perform a constant and quality work adding value with your photos, In the same way that they have come they are going to leave.

What do I do with those who do not follow me?

That they do not return the follow is not bad, because as in all the networks there will always be people who will follow you, others who will not and others who will do it and then stop doing it.

What a phrase I’ve been … (i.e.

I recommend that you continue interacting with these users, and if after a prudential time you see that they do not follow you and you do not add value to your content, you can stop following them.

To perform these actions you will find many tools , but if you do not want to complicate life and want to take good control of your community easily,

Some beads that will come to you to inspire you

It never hurts to be inspired by accounts that are already a referent or are making great strategies.

For you to apply these strategies to win followers on Instagram, I have compiled a series of accounts. Let’s go to the mess !:

  • Zoumala . All a phenomenon when it comes to capturing, in a snapshot, the states of mind that we face daily. Also, if you like the design, you’ll like it.
  • Jamonaddiction . With the name everything is more than said. Lovers of the ham, the “best seafood in the world”, this account let it go.
  • Ricepaella . Simple, very simple. If you are in love with the paella, as is my case. This account, this young Valencian, will not leave you indifferent. Just for the pint of rice is worth following. By the way, if you want a clandestine paella, do not hesitate to get in touch with it, it will delight you.
  • FitHappySister . This young couple, one day Womens Health magazine knocked on the door, for the great work they were doing, and their lives changed. Focused in the field of healthy nutrition, its followers are counted by legions and they do not stop to ascend.
  • Fernando Onion . If you like the style Iger, Fernando is your man. This Zaragoza, blogger and enthusiast from Instagram, has some photos of the most inspired captured from anywhere in his beautiful city.
  • Lacepass . This restaurant located in San Sebasti√°n will leave you with your mouth open for the delights that in its gallery shows. Of course, tapas are a classic. Beware, not fit for diets! (i.e.

Having said that, and if you want to follow both Carlos and me, I leave you our accounts so you can take a look at a lover of nature and another lover of the sport. Carlos account is @cminana and mine is @chris_gar .

Latest words to win followers on Instagram

How could you see, it is easy to win quality followers without being unethical procedures. You just have to keep in mind some important points like those in the post and let time go about doing your job.

The strategy shown is not for a single day, but is for indefinite time. You can go working your account until we have a community that you believe enough.

I think the essence of social networks is this, try to connect with people with your same interests and be able to establish relationships.

As I say, we can not sit around waiting for them to follow us. We must move and work to achieve our goals.

So, go ahead!

Do you know any other way to attract quality followers?

I hope the post has liked you and that you can start to get results immediately.

Thank you very much for your attention and for getting here.

See you on friendly networks.

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